Monday, January 30, 2006

I want to make a HUGE GIANT stripey felted bag! I need yarn to do this project. I am asking for all my knitting friends for help. If you have some spare yarn, you know those end of projects, have no idea of what to do with spare balls of wool, could ya pass them onto to me??? I will take any color. Only thing is I need 100% wool that is worsted or bulky weight for this project. This way all of you can be a part of my big huge bag!! I will even put in a tag stating it was donated yarn!!!
So if you can help me, let me know & I will send you my snail mail address! Thanks in advance!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Here is an "Action" shot of the first wooly pants in action!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It has been absolutly gorgeous outside & what have I been doing? Sitting inside knitting. That is probably crazy to anyone living outside of So CA. My PNW friends are going onto day jagillion & something of rain. The easterners have been freezing. We Southern Californiains have been suffering with clear skies & mid 70 temps.
Ok enough weather. Yes, I have been inside knitting. Lots! I am building up my nest for a real winter! Just kidding. There is a new LYS & they need an instructor. So, yours truly has been kitting her ass off (well, it is probably growing due to lack of physical activity) to get some samples to take on friday. I still have to finish the Loopy Drop Stitch scarf (Thanks Aunt Purl, if you are checking me out!). I will post that finished product later.
Here is a ribbed hat I made myself. Loopy Scarf
Ok here are the LTK Felted Mocs, not yet felted
Rolled Brim Hat for Austin (Thanks Aunt Purl!)
Wooly Pants made for a niece. I just finished them last week.
And the last two modified sophie bags I made!
And lastly, here is the Booga Bag, felted

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It has been about 49 days since I updated my knitting blog. You would think I would have a closet full of kewl knitted goods. Well I have a few. Here we go! These are Holly's pants. I need a pic of her in them, as they are really cute if I say so myself! They are from the merino yard I dyed myself.

Next is a booga bag, made from Noro Kueryeon 153. I still have to felt it.

Here's an amazing beaning I made for my sister. I learned to knit in small circumference using the magic loop method in WA. This yarn is from Italy made from wool & microfiber. It is amazingly yummy & feels like butter in your fingers. I found new love! I went back & got more before I left WA to make me something special!

And lastly is a scarf I made for my brother in law. Here he proudly models it for me, showing his Huskie pride.

Not pictured is a few hand bags I have made for people. You would think I would remember to take pictures of everything but I forget. Happy Knitting!