Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello All!!! Sorry I have not update in a long time, but I have been super busy. Between working at The Birth Center, and summer school & house sitting for my girlfriend, blogging has gone by the way side.
However, I have been knitting. I knit an awesome Limeade purse for my friend. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but I hear I need to reattach the button, so when I do, I will shoot!
I have started working on my own Dorothy Bag. I really love this pattern. It took a little bit of brain power (just a little)to figure it out. I started it at my friends house so we had two brains to work it. The first pic is the bottom, the second is the side.

I have decided I am not a sock knitter. I keep trying & trying, and I am trying to get the appeal. I just do not get it. I have 6 skeins of sock yarn, I want to like making socks, but it just is not happening. I like big knitting. Big needles big yarn, makes for some fast knitting. But I will keep trying & I will take any advice.

Lastly, I will show the fruit of my husbands work. The garden at the home of my friend that we are house sitting for is flourishing (despite the damn rabbits! Rabbit stew anyone???) They come home on friday. We have really enjoyed staying at their home. I must remember to take a picture of the sunset before we leave.