Monday, March 12, 2007

How about some knitting talk??? It has been awhile. I did finally start knitting for the baby that is due in 49 DAYS!!

I made the yellow outfit first. It is LTK picky pants, LTK Mocs (that I am not going to felt), and a hat that I made up along the way. I have never made a baby hat before, I hope it works. I have a t-shirt that I am either going to embroider or paint on to bring this baby home in. The turquoise soaker is Warm Heart Woollies soaker, which is the pattern I used for Alexa's soaker. Both these things are made of Morehouse Moreno which is just ok. The mint green is LTK Picky Shorts in medium, and the booties again are LTK mocs, not felted. These are made of Malabrigo which is DIVINE!!! (Anyone know of a good internet source?? I no longer go to my LYS since the scolded my friend for breastfeeding there.)

Lastly is again, LTK Picky shorts in yarn I dyed last week. I think it turned out GREAT! It looks like a watermelon or cherry color. I used Kool-Aid to dye with, Fruit Punch with Cherry. Only thing is this Vermont yarn is pretty scratchy. I am hoping once I wash with mild detergent & lanolin it will will soften up. Any other ideas on softening up this yarn???

Lastly my Grandma turned 89 years old last friday. Here she is with my kids. I want to be so young & healthy when I am 89!!!!!!!!


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