Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I have been knitting quite a bit, now that I am on a modified bed rest. (Had a very scary pregnancy incident this last weekend, but baby is alive! Got to see the bean on US, moving & wiggling! Keep prayers coming!)
So knitting, I have been busy knitting birthday presents for my friends. They are the fiber trend felted mocs. So the question is, do I felt before I give? Or give with felting instructions? Or invite myself over to their homes for lunch & felt in their presence? What would you do???????

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!
Happy Birthday to ME!
Happy Birthday Dear, ME!!!
Happy Birthday to ME!

Wow, 37. How can it be? Overall, my life is good. I like the wisdom I gain each year, hate the gray hair (but a good hairdresser can fix it!) For my birthday wish is that I get to see this baby growing inside me grow up & live a wonderful life.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hello All!!! I am still trekking away. I am 11 weeks pregnant & doing ok. I fight the fear, but I think that will be with me until I am holding a live breathing baby! My son is doing much MUCH better. He is back in school & playing sports again. I am also knitting again, which I think is keeping me sane. I went to the yarn deli (website should be up soon!) two times this past week to sit, knit & be. It was so nice. I only have one pic of what I worked on, The McPurlBigBottom. This is a cool, easy purse from the crochet dude. Here it is:

I am just about finished the the modified dorothy & I started another pair of socks. (Still tring to find the sock love!) I am using the yarn from dye-o-rama from my blog bud, Paul & when I get a few more inches done, I shall post a pic.

Lastly, Crazy Aunt Purl posted a Four Things About me thingy, so I thought I would do it. Join in if you feel the four things love!!!!

Four Jobs I have had:
Customer Service Rep for a major utility
Wife & Mother

Four Movies I can watch over & over
I am pretty boring when it comes to movies.
Pretty Woman
Harry Potter movies
Hell, I don't know...what ever is on I guess.

Four Places I have lived.
Boring again, only in CA
Lancaster, CA
Redlands, CA
Yucaipa CA
Duarte CA

Four TV shows I watch
Hard to pick only 4, TIVO is my new BF! LOL!
CSI the original!
Entourage, Big Love, Weeds & Dexter are my favorite "cable" Series
The View
Survivor, Amazing Race are my reality shows!

Four places I have been on Vacation
New England

Four of my favorite dishes

Mexican food, just about all of it!
Soup if the weather is right.
I love a good steak!
Mexican!!! I crave it during pregnancy, hence I could go for a good taco!

Four websites I visit daily
Pink is the new blog

Four places I rather be right now
I would like to be here @ home with my baby Alexa in my arms.
On a wonderful vacation with my husband enjoying each others company.
At Disneyland with my kids....all 3 of them, sigh..I miss my baby so much.
With my sister, sitting in her kitchen drinking coffee.

Four bloggers I am tagging!
All of you silly!!! That means you!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well it has been a big load of crazy going on here in this house! My son has been sick. Really sick. When this all started, I had visions of him being in the ped unit @ the hospital. So far that has not happened, thank goodness.

It started with an innocent boil that festered on it's own after a shower. Then it grew to 2 , to 3, to 5 boils! NOT GOOD! Hell, I am in micro right now & I know about bad bugs! So we take him to urgent care on 9/27. They culture one of them, give him a rx for Bactrim & an off school order with no end date (that should have been my clue!). We bring him back 2 days later, still highly infectous...no results on the culture yet. Ok, only 2 days..I can be patient. Two more days pass & we bring him back. Still no damn culture results, it is now 10/2. He lances his last 2 boils & cultures those. Keep up the bactrim, still no school until he is down oozing. That brings us to yesterday, 10/4. I take him to his primary doc, as I called to see if culture results are in. Nothing again! But he gets a clean bill of health & he can go back to school the next day (today). I am so glad, temporarily.
We get home from our afternoon out, he played with his friends & I had lunch with girlfreinds, and he crashes in my bed to take a nap. Hmm, that is unusual, but I am tired so I do not think of it. My friend & I notice a rash on his neck but chalk it up to his exzema being way out of control. (We had to suspend the exzema meds while fighting the staph).

Well Austin wakes up 2.5 hours later & is burning up with a 102.9 fever. Then this hideous rash appears all over his upper torso & on his thighs. What the hell! Wasn't he just in the doc's office & just fine??? Well I am worried. Really worried. What if this staph infection is now systemic??? We decided to take him to the ER, not urgent care because that damn lab keeps screwing up! So off to the ER we go & thank goodness it is pretty empty. They get him right in. His fever is down a bit, due to the advil I gave him. He looks awful. He is red as a beet & his rash as grown & he feels awful. He moaned the whole way there. He said he felt like he was going to die....my poor baby. They take blood & urine cultures & they are negative. They think either it is a reaction to the Bactrim or viral. We get home just before midnight.

I called my doc this morning. He thinks it is a reaction too. I was sceptical since he has been on this for 9 days now, but he states you can react up to a week after a medicine. He says to forgo the last 2 doses of Bactrim & watch his fever this weekend. The cultures taken 10/2 are in & there was just scant growth so he feels he has had enough to kill the staph. His immune system has just been through the ringer. My son looks horrible. His cheeks look like he has been slapped, with a rash everywhere eles. Oh, I did ask about how this would effect the new gestating baby, they said it shouldn't. That made me feel better too. I just want my son better. My kids are not sickly. They see the doc once a year for physicals only. This is draining.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is so me!

You Belong in Fall

Intelligent, introspective, and quite expressive at times...

You appreciate the changes in color, climate, and mood that fall brings

Whether you're carving wacky pumpkins or taking long drives, autumn is a favorite time of year for you

It got me right!