Monday, June 26, 2006

Well I got a new I am now going to try to upload pics from dyeorama (which I think i over??).Ocean & Fruitloops What do you think????

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two things have happened since I was absent. (Did y'all notice I was absent? Probably not.) Anyway....
Thing #1 - MY COMPUTER CRASHED! Not one second after my last post, POOF gone! Sinara! Adios! Gone. Blank. Nothing. Frozen in time. WTF happened??? I have no f'ing idea. Just gone. (We are buying a Mac...any and all comments appreciated on Macs.) And it was the hardest damn week of my life. Cause it coincided when....
Thing #2 happened. I have made it one year. It was one year ago, on June 10th that I said hello & goodbye to my dear baby Alexa. Can you believe it has been one year???? I can not. In retrospect, it has gone by fast. When going through was the longest, hardest year of my life. One that I NEVER want to repeat. One I will always remember. My dear daugher Alexa has taught me so much. I THANK GOODNESS for the internets. If it wasn't for all the blogging, all the wonderful friends I have made, I am not sure I would have survived. I have survived.
I am still knitting. Next entry will be about knitting. I am crazy purse making.