Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wow, I just looked at my blog & it has been awhile since I have posted. I have made a couple things, so I will start off with some pics. Who doesn't love blog pics???

On the left is a "fertility" scarf for a MOA mama who is trying so damn hard, it is not fair. (It was my first crochet project in years!!) The right is LTK Oh'alls for a MOA mama due any day. I plan to get them in the mail today. I detest the post office but I will get there soon.

We are busy fishes here in the Salmon house. I had another pg scare last week so Turkey Day was cancelled so the kids trekked to Santa Maria with Grandma to spend it up there. I must say the time with just my husband was grand. I know when we have an empty nest it will be great, as we enjoy each others company so much. Tomorrow is our 15 year anniversay, and what a ride it has been. But the best ever & I am so grateful for all we have.

Keep positive vibes coming for the new Salmon growing inside me. I need them & draw support from them. I am now on week 16 for the 2nd time, as each US has shown me a week behind. I saw the peri (the special pregnancy doc) last week, and all looks good. Yeah!

What shall I craft next??? Felted Tea Cozy for Mom, or Scarf for sister?


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